1. Why can't I login after entering my email and password? (after clicking on the "LOGIN WITH EMAIL")

If this is your first time using the app, please click on the "SIGN UP HERE" at the bottom of the start up page. You would then be prompted to enter your "Email", "Password" and "Confirm Password".  You may use any password of your choice; need not be the password you used for your email account.

After that, please check your e-mail inbox or spam/junk mail folder for your activation email. Click the activation link indicated in the email to activate your new account.           

Once your account is "activated", return to your Innokid app by clicking on the Innokid icon. Now, click the "LOGIN WITH EMAIL" and enter your email and the password you keyed in previously. You should be able to get into the app. 


2. Is there an easier way to login to the app other than using the "LOGIN WITH EMAIL" method?

Yes, click on the "LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK" button on the startup page if you have a facebook account. Registering via Facebook is quick and easy. It is just to authenticate that it is a real user behind the registration. The app will NOT post anything to your Facebook. 


3. How do I let my child attempt the activities on my husband's  (or wife's or any other adults')  phone/tablet while maintaining his data, including his answers, points, trophies, stickers, list of followers/followings, etc?

Try the "Be Guardian" feature.

First of all, the "Guardian" need to download and install innokid on his device.

On your own device, at the left bottom of the home page, click "My Profile". You would see a "+ Add Guardian" button below the child's name in the "My Profile" page. Click on that and on the next page, click on the "+" button on the top right. You could then send your child's QR code to the Guardian using the three modes available - Email, Facebook messenger or simply select "Invite via QR Code" if that Guardian is beside you.

For the Guardian, if this is the first time using the app, after successfully login to the app (see point "1" above if still could not login to the app), the Guardian will be prompted with his Name and Country. After which, he/she will be asked whether to "Add a Child" or "Adopt a Child". Choose "Adopt a Child". A QR Scanner will be activated next. Scan the QR code of your child, fill in the "Choose Relationship" column, click "Done". Your child's profile is now present in the Guardian's account. Your child can now "play" innokid with the Guardian's phone/tablet using his own profile. At the same time, the Guardian is also able to see all the "adopted" child's activities in his phone/tablet. The Guardian can remove himself as guardian later if he wishes to do so.

If the Guardian had already an account with innokid, simply click the left sliding menu, select "Add Child / Be Guardian", and a box will appear asking him/her to Add a Child or Adopt a Child. Follow the same procedure as above.


4. Why "Answer The Question" and "Ask Any Question" is updated once a week only?

This is to allow time for children to think and submit answers, inspired/motivated by other children's ideas, continue to think and contribute, going through an iterative process; hence, making it a more effective learning experience. With the different schedule of parents and children worldwide, we thought that by allowing the question to float for one week, more ideas will come through, more inspirations will be activated, and more learning for the children.

However, if parents want to let their children practice more of such questions in a physical setting (against the global-virtual environment of Innokid), they are welcome to sign their children up for JLTP which is a once a week, 1 to 1 1/2 hours of enriching experience facilitated by a trainer.


5. How do I turn off the notifications?

Click on the left sliding menu, select "Settings", then turn off those features that you do not wish to be notified.


6. How can I see the pictures in "Ask Any Question" and "Guess the Word" more clearly?

Click on the picture to enlarge it. 


7. What is the purpose of "following" another user?

Whenever you see another user's answers or questions, you may click on his icon to view his profile. You will see a "+Follow" button below his profile picture and name. Click on it to follow this user.

Once you "follow" another user, you will be able to see his activities when you are in "My Profile" page. You would also be able to "Filter Answers" according to the "Friend" option in the "Answer Again" or "Ask Again" page. This will help you view those users whom you are more interested in easily.


8. How do I find another user based on his/her name and "follow" him/her?

Click the "My Profile" button at the bottom left of your home page. Click on the top right button denoted by three dots. Select the "Add Friend" option. Key in the user's name or ID to look for that user. You could then click on the "+Follow" button to follow him/her.


9. Can I have more than one child under my account?

Yes. You can add as many children as you want under your account. Click on the left sliding menu, select "Add Child/Be Guardian" option. Choose "Add a Child" and enter the details required. If this child has already been registered under another adult's account, you could simply become this child's "Guardian" by selecting the "Be a Guardian" option instead of "Add a Child". All the child's info including profile, points, trophies, activities will be maintained. See point 3 above regarding "Be a Guardian"  feature.


10. Why can't I download or run the app on some of my iOS or Android devices?

The most probable reason is that your device's OS is not compatible. For iOS phone or tablet, the app works on version 8.1 or later. For Android phone or tablet, the app works on version 5.0 or later.

If your device satisfies the OS minimum requirement and still does not work, please contact us. 

11. Can I run Innokid on a windows based PC or iMac?

No. Presently, Innokid is available only on iOS and Android phone/tablets only.