Dear parents or guardians, here are a few tips to enhance your kids’ joy and learning experience in using Innokid:

In the voice recording mode, allow children to speak out their ideas in their most familiar language or dialect. Let them use the language they are comfortable with.

Encourage them to think freely. If they can’t think of any ideas, motivate them by suggesting an idea yourself to start the ball rolling. Remember: there is no right or wrong answer, nor is there a good or bad idea! In this platform and at this stage of development, we just want children to dare to come up with ideas!

Motivate them to think of multiple answers by asking them “What else?” If they run out of ideas, give them a “pat on the back” for trying and let them see or hear the ideas of other children. Keep it fun, keep it lively, keep it easy!

Harness the “Comment” function. Encourage your children to analyse other users’ answers. If they have any doubts about other children’s drawing or statement, tell them it is alright to leave a comment to clarify. The other user would definitely love to answer your questions! It’s a win-win process and children soon learn to communicate effectively with the world. Do take note that there is a “Voice Comment” function. Things are all made easy for the young learners.

Invite more guardians, such as your spouse, child’s uncles, aunties, grandparents or elder siblings, so that they too can access this learning App even when you are engaged with other things. This small step might also bring in more fun discussion and interaction at your family table!

Lavish praises on them generously whenever they come up with any ideas. Praise their effort, praise their endeavour, praise their enthusiasm! Creativity needs lots of encouragement!

In "Answer The Question" or "Ask Any Question", if your child has more than one idea, you can submit them separately to your heart’s content. For "Answer The Question", you could even submit an idea with one of the submission tools: Text, Voice, Drawing or Photos.

When viewing or listening to other children’s ideas, encourage them to “Like” generously. Learning to admire and interact with others will help to build up their EQ, self confidence and social skills – crucial skills which they will require to thrive in the future.

If you have more than one child’s account (either added by yourself or you are invited as a guardian by other parents), tap to select a child before letting him/her to answer.

If your child is not comfortable with the online drawing tools provided, feel free to draw the ideas on a piece of white paper, take a picture and submit via the camera function.

Children tend to be curious about their real life friends' answers. Help to search for their friends. If you can't find them, invite their parents to download the App. Your children's interest to think will be boosted if they are playing with or challenging their real life friends in a virtual arena!