Creative Thinking and STEM Integrated Program For Children Ages 5-8

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15 Areas of Knowledge

Interdisciplinary Approach

10 Creative Thinking Skills

Creative Literature weaved in

Multimedia & Hands-on Activities

Our unique Interdisciplinary Approach instils Creative Thinking in STEM education and unleashes children’s potential to explore the fast-changing world.

Creative Thinking is becoming more and more needful in today's world where content is so easily available.

Creativity and STEM-based Jobs are the future of the world economy.

1. In a fast-changing world, the toolkit of success stretches far beyond the ability to memorize information.

2. The ability to uncover problems and discover unique solutions require Creativity and STEM skills and mindsets.

DEMO Videos

Note: In a class setting, the animated program will pause automatically whenever a question is asked or an activity is instructed. Teacher will lead students to think or do, before continuing the lesson.

Design a creative motion route

How to make the toy car go further? (Random Input Inspiration)

The wolf in sheep’s clothing and the wolf in grass’ clothing

How to measure the height of a giraffe?

How the farmer waters the fields with little water?

20 Ways to divide a cake evenly
Story recycling! (Substitute Thinking)
How to create a superhero story?

Create a story or a poem using Questioning Techniques (Coming soon)

“Science and Technology are going to be the basis for many of the solutions to social problems."

- Frances Arnold

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

- Albert Einstein

Program Overview

15 Areas of Knowledge

10 Creative Thinking Skills

Creative Presentation Abilities

Young Creative Writer

Create Fairy Tales or Sci-Fi Stories
Inventors’ Journal
Mind Mapping

Young Journalist

Present Ideas Fluently
Practice Asking Questions
Interview and Report

Young Actor / Actress

Storytelling / Talk Show
Improvisation in Drama
Fun Role-Play

Fun Hands-on Activities

Fly without Wings!

Build a 3D Maze

Create an Automatic Trapping Device

DIY Robot Vacuums

Engaging Experiments

Measure the height of a tree using a pencil, some pebbles, and a bit of creativity.

Knowledge : Still water has a horizontal surface.

Application : Imagine you were an ancient engineer. By applying the above knowledge, come up with a simple measuring method to ensure bridge piers are built at the same height so that the bridge can be laid flat.

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